Brian Lu

Practical Chaos at Scale


I'm a Computer Engineering student at Purdue University Main Campus.

In the past I wrote and maintained navigation and scheduling software for competitive robotics.

Now, I'm working on quickly and accurately parsing and structuring 1,000s of chemical Safety Data Sheet PDFs for Merck.

I have a passion for homelabbing, and own and operate the Shamrock Cluster.

It tries to be as production-ready as possible by leveraging high-availability technologies, filesystem encryption, and ensuring mutual TLS authentication every step of the way.


  1. Merck Sharp & Dohme

    Student Researcher

    • Architected Safety Data Sheet (SDS) parsing and insights software with team

    • Software cuts down on hours of work per day reading SDS documents, is currently being integrated

    • Wrote low-level PDF parsing engine to extract document hierarchies, fields, and images

    • Created OpenCV-based classifier to accurately detect GHS pictograms

    • Developed automated PDF templating pipeline to create reports of generated insights

  2. Merck Logo
  3. High Oak Robotics

    Robotics Coach

    • Wrote and maintained Sequoia asynchronous scheduling library

    • Teaching of robotics control system concepts to new team members

    • Bootstrapped sensor fusion and navigation technology stack

  4. High Oak Robotics Logo